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We are collecting all of your most common questions and posting them here for your reference. Check back to see if your question made the list.


What is the minimum order for me to create my own speakers or headphones?

The minimum order for creating your own speaker or headphones is 1 unit, you can design your own custom speaker here. These are perfect to promote your own business too and we have some really awesome bulk pricing. Just contact us for more info.


How long does it take for my custom product to arrive?

Custom orders usually print and ship out within 10 business days from our Southern California location. We say "USUALLY" because if we're really busy during Christmas it might take a slight bit longer, but if we aren't as busy it might get there faster.


What is the sound quality of the speakers like?

The best way to determine the sound quality of each of our speakers is to play each of the product videos on the specific product pages. Ultimately each of our speakers fits a different consumer's needs and wants. Heck if you aren't sure on which one is right for you give us a call and we'd be happy to help out: 949.407.6360


How can I cover one of your products in a story or on a TV show?

Our products make the perfect story in gift guides, different publications, or to demo on a TV show. Just go ahead and contact us to get in touch with our PR Department.


How do I wind up my Rock-It, replace the sticky pad, and what comes in the box?

Need we say more:




How easy is it to fold and assemble the Fold N' Play speakers?

Simple answer: It’s one of the easiest things you’ll probably ever do. In fact watch this quick video as an example:


Does OrigAudio have fundraising programs?

Of course! At OrigAudio we are all about helping, whether it is helping make the world a better place by using recycled materials in our speakers or helping a local school with their fundraising efforts you bet we’ve got a plan in place for it. We have many different fundraising programs available for schools, churches, sports teams, bands, and even individuals. Please contact our team to get started.


Does OrigAudio have a sponsorship program?

Interested in being sponsored for an event, sport, or something else? Then just contact our sponsorship team and we’ll get back to you. 


What’s next for OrigAudio?

Stay tuned to for the next product release….trust us it will be huge!